Report #1

I am long overdue for my initial progress report. When I started this diary, I felt it would be much smoother. I was in the zone - focused and ready to grind.

Since then I managed to:

  • Sleep for 2-3 hours a day for 3 weeks straight
  • Get a divorce
  • Recover physically and mentally - ready to grind again

Current progress:

  • Finished Calculus 1
  • Went halfway through the probability course

It is obvious I am not going to meet the deadline.

Damage control:

  • Stop making any attempts to catch up on linear algebra. When I watched MIT lectures, I got the impression it will be much easier to make progress once I finish calculus.
  • Focus on calculus and probability.
  • I have a lazy vacation planned where I am going to be mostly lying on the beach in Tunisia. If I manage to blast through Prof. Leonard's videos by then, I could take my copy of the Klein's book and do practice problems right on the beach. Wouldn't it be nice?

To catch up with linear algebra I will have to delay the start of my ML courses in July. Hopefully, if I take several more days off, I could rush through it in a week of studying full-time (too optimistic?).

Bottom line, I must not miss my final deadline - get through classical ML, Deep Learning, CV and NLP by the end of August.